Beachy Waves Double Wrap Leather Bracelet

Beachy Waves Double Wrap Leather Bracelet
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May 02, 2019


A combination of turquoise-dyed magnesite, grain stone and rutilated quartz, this bracelet brings to mind summer days next to the ocean in a beachy paradise.

Grain stone is a form of marble, and is viewed as a stone of potential. It is said to promote peak states of meditation and support the perfect recall of dreams. Other abilities assigned to marble include self-control, serenity and the growth of an individual's common sense.

Magnesite - A relaxing and calming stone for meditation, magnesite has the potential to aid life changes. It's a great stone for creative visualization and imagination, and aids in the development of psychic visions of exceptional clarity.

Rutilated Quartz - If you're prone to holding in frustrations or resentments, rutilated quartz will force you to bring issues to the surface so you can deal with them, and helps relieve the fear and anxiety that go with them.

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