Triple Wine Bottle Hanging Candle Holder Lanterns

Set of 3 Wine Bottle Hanging Lanterns

Triple Wine Bottle Hanging Candle Holder Lanterns
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Apr 16, 2013


Set of 3 hanging hurricane lanterns!

Green, Gold and Olive brown glass 750ml. wine bottles.
Great colors and nice thick glass.
flame cut and meticulously hand sanded in a 3 step
process for a perfect smooth edge.
Hand crafted spiraled wire holds a glass votive.
Solid metal neck ring leads to black metal chain that is
topped off with one bigger metal loop link for easy hanging.
Hanging chains are at 3 different lengths to give the staggered
look you see in the photos...12, 14 and 16 inches.

The chain lengths can easily be changed with a simple pair of
needle nose pliers by you at home.
The glass votive holder is removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

These weather well....chain is powder coated and
spiral votive holder is galvanized metal.

Comes complete with glass votive holders and candles!!!

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