Three Olives Pomegranate Candle Holder Rocks Glass

Three Olives Pomegranate Bottle Candle Holder With Candle

Three Olives Pomegranate Candle Holder Rocks Glass
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Apr 17, 2013


Beautiful thick glass candle holder crafted from an up-cycled Three Olives Pomegranate bottle.
Comes with apple cinnamon scented candle.

Frosted glass creates a wonderful warm glow when the candle is lit.
Works great with a votive or tea light also.

Our up-cycled Three olives bottles also make the ultimate whisky glasses.....

The Old Fashioned glass, lowball glass, or rocks glass is a short tumbler used for serving an alcoholic beverage, such as whisky, with ice cubes (“on the rocks”). It is also normally used to serve certain cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, from which it receives its name.

Old fashioned glasses typically have a wide brim, thus releasing the flavours of the drink. They also typically have a thick base, so that the non-liquid ingredients of a cocktail can be 'muddled' (mashed using a muddler) before the main liquid ingredients are added.
Old Fashioned glasses will usually contain 6–10 US fl oz (180–300 ml).

By definition, these three olives rocks tumblers are perfect!
They hold 8 oz. of liquid very comfortably.
They have a very solid thick bottom that is actually smooth and rounded inside.
(the base of these glasses is over 3/4 of an inch thick!)
They have a thick wide brim.

Our rocks glasses are crafted from actual Three Olives vodka bottles.

Glasses stand just under 4 inches tall and the brim is 3.25 inches edge to edge.

Bottles are hand cut and then they go through a 3 step hand sanding
process for a super smooth drinkable edge.

Comes complete with apple cinnamon 2.5" x 2.8" pillar candle.

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