Grolsch Beer Bottle Goblet Drinking Glasses 2

Unique Grolsch Beer Bottle Goblets

Grolsch Beer Bottle Goblet Drinking Glasses 2
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Apr 16, 2013


Set of 2 Unique beer bottle goblets.

Created from actual beer bottles that are flame cut,
then meticulously hand sanded and buffed in a three step process
that results in a beautifully smooth finished edge.

The top of bottle is securely attached to the bottom.....or....the bottom
is securely attached to the top, depending on how you look at it.

All of our items have incredible attention to detail....our beer goblets are no exception:

- We actually check these for level until they set while we are putting them together!!!
- We don't just smooth the cut edge....we also bevel and smooth the inner and outer surface of the edge.
- We finish the bottom of the goblets' cut edge just as smooth as the top.
- We only use bottles with near perfect labels.
- We don't use bottles that have a seam running right through the middle of the label.

You will be impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into our creations.

These glasses can also be used as candle holders and work great with tea light or votive!

Set of 2 goblets.

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