Wood And Metal Showpiece Sauterne And Ochre Color

Color: Sauterne And Ochre Product Dimensions: Big - 19 CM x 5 CM x 36 CM, Small - 19 CM x 5 CM x 24 CM Product Weight: 810 Gram

Wood And Metal Showpiece Sauterne And Ochre Color
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Sep 05, 2018


    Aesthetically designed and well-crafted things create an awesome ambience. We bring beautiful handcrafted showpieces for your home. These showpieces are perfectly styled and designed by our skilled artisans with utmost care to spruce up your room interior. You can also browse through our wide variety of showpieces and select based on your preference.

Hand Crafted latest designs and fashions


  • 26 cm
  • 5 cm
  • 19 cm
  • 810 g

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