Needle felting is a process of sculpting wool roving by stabbing with a barbed steel needle which tangles the fibers into desired shapes. I have been needle felting for a number of years and have had many ribbon-winning sculptures.

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Jan 21, 2019


Hedgehogs are needle felted wool, bead eyes, and spiky fur of German Mohair. They are not intended as toys for pets or small children, but for your enjoyment. In the group picture they are (from left to right) Spike, Rocko, Poindexter, and Tug. Please identify your choice by name if you have a preference. The spool of thread is not included, it is for a size reference and so Rocko can show off his smile. Please note, the price is $12 for each one. 
Update - Rocko has been adopted.

One of a kind needle felted sculptures made with wool roving and 💕 love.

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