The Miniaturist

I truly have a love for the Art of Miniatures.
I am the founder of the only miniature club in South Florida and instructor of on-going workshops and projects. I have recently ventured into the outdoor "Farm Markets" where I have been having the opportunity to introduce my creativity with miniatures.

Because most people see the 1:12 scale as vintage era play scale, it is difficult for some to imagine a layout, display, diorama, or practicality in miniatures, therefore, very misunderstood. I find myself educating the public because I enjoy working with the various scales and receive great feedback. Many admit that new knowledge has been gained about the world of miniatures and have many questions to ask.

The 1:12 scale is no longer what it was in the past and it is currently becoming part of the "Collector" category. My creations take much time and detail, which I enjoy. Just about every item featured in the store has a story, or a story to tell... Read the stories. I believe you will be entertained by them. Enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop, please come back again.