Your Kid Did It!

This is Archer. Sweet and cuddly. Her name was originally, Pug, but was changed after demonstrating a special skill of blindly aiming at a target and running right into it... repeatedly. In this "who-done-it" scene, Archer has been caught in the act and her bow-wow claims: "Your Kid Did It!"... Archer has created Hurricane Pugwood in a category 3, but can easily go to category 6 or 7, if left home for a longer period of time.

Your Kid Did It!
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Nov 26, 2013


Scene is in a 1:12 scale. Archer stands beside a destroyed Terra-cotta rectangle pot with what was newly sprouting flowers and its gravel/soil spread, wheat stalks dragged from a different location seems to compliment Archer's great decorative skills and there is a touch of vibrant color that use to be a small stuffed toy added to complete Archer's rendition of chic decor. Her neck has a leather collar with a piece from the inside of a watch, as her tag. She's been trying to shake everything off, but, it looks like... hmmmm...evidence is still dangling from the side of her lip... Do you see it, or is it my imagination?

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