Whimsical Station

Slade is proud of his station for all the good reasons. He’s the top money maker at his salon because of his creative hairstyles and his whimsically designed station. Slade’s hair station contains his products and top-of-the-line implements to sculpture any challenging hair-do! The inspiration for his station’s design came from his great admiration of Mary Engelbreit’s collection of prints and fabrics.

Whimsical Station
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Aug 02, 2013


This is one of the “Bag with a View” series in 1:12 scale. Slade’s station cabinet has been made from two wood cabinets that have been “kit-bashed” in order to create the levels and appearance of one unit instead of two. The door from one cabinet was turned into a drawer that houses Slade’s hair curlers, shears, mirror, small towels, curling iron, hair removal brush, and a basket with the tips earned for the day. If you look closely, you will see that his tips can make up for anyone’s weekly salary! The lower level of his station houses multi-colored towels for his clients while the level above his drawer houses his blow dryer, 14K cell phone, his brand-name products like conditioner, hairspray, sculpting lotion, shears and comb. The switch on the right controls his “chandelier” made out of a Lego piece, and the switch on the left is used for his blow-dryer and other electrical implements. The top level features his brand-name products, and his station mimics the “picket” fence where there is much security and living the “Dream in America”. Each side of the picket fence holds a Mary Englebreit poster with quotes. On the right side of his station, he has a pedestal that houses a large covered bowl where he keeps small gifts that his clients present to him and are used as conversation pieces. Slade’s station sits on checkered red and white flooring made of fabric. It has black cording so that it can be carried to its lucky recipient! The “bag” has three walls that have been wallpapered, and the station is elevated from its main floor, where checkered black and white vinyl flooring has been placed. The “ceiling” has two openings for light to enter and the top contains black, yellow and red tissue paper. The front of the bag has an acrylic sheet attached as the window in order to view the scene. This particular “Bag with a View” has many details that can be missed the first time it is scanned by the eye. A great gift for the talented, and/or, creative hairdresser, as well as for the graduate in the “Hairology” field!

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