Tropical Coconilla-16 oz.

Our Tropical Bath Salts are individually made before shipping. They are not kept on a shelf. Experience the aromas of the tropics while healing your body in a soothing, relaxing bath or soothing your tired feet. The Tropical Bath Salts come in an 8 ounce jar with lids that reflect the soothing colors from the tropics.

Tropical Coconilla-16 oz.
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Aug 15, 2013


We have two other Tropical Spa Bath Salts: Seashore Lover= we call it Berinilla. A combination of black raspberry and vanilla, and Sandy Shells= we call it Mancovan. A combination of mango, coconut and vanilla. The 8 ounce jars have decorative lids that house an array of seashells sitting on a bed of natural sand and some added sparkle. The Colors on the lids are as soothing as the contents, bearing tropical shades of blues, greens, lime, and blue iris. And for an added touch, the cord surrounding the jar lid carries a charm, and a tag. We feel like chemists when preparing these aromatic bath salts, with beacons, tubes and measuring implements, and smelling plenty of coffee beans in order to get the aroma right the first time around! The Tropical Spa Bath Salts featured here is Coconilla, with an ocean blue lid. A combination of coconut and vanilla.These Tropical Spa Bath Salts are great for tired feet, or bath. It will sooth and heal, while reminding you of the tropics!

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