Steampunk Brooch #2

Steam Punk category it is! One-of-a-kind. Each slightly or totally different! This brooch has a map to... Anywhere you want to be! The Steam Punk brooch is one inch, made out of wood with a pin back. It houses a transparent watch-face, a stamp from anywhere, a wood or metal piece that holds a star or other charm, small internal and/or external parts of a watch with a rhinestone(s), jewelry findings, a dangling gold skeleton key and regular key, and an incomplete message from nowhere. It is surrounded by beads, or rhinestones. A conversation piece! There are several styles that will follow a number sequence.

Steampunk Brooch #2
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Nov 26, 2013


Bold and Aggressive!! This is a brooch that deserves a story. Inspired by the goth, punk, industrial movement and the Sci-Fi stories from Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Remember them?? The Steampunk brooch symbolizes strength, and the fashion places value and its beauty on the Victorian antiquated era, and the unusual. This particular "style" brooch was inspired by the Ephemeral Beauty Brooch. First time you wear it, you will be complimented, and anytime after that!...

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