Mr. Bucket

Scenario: Mr. Bucket is addicted to eBay. Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone. This tiny closet is well hidden from everyone and if it's discovered by Brunilda, his wife, she will have him out of his eBay cave!! (This scene is made in a 1:12 scale)

Mr. Bucket
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Aug 15, 2013


The chair is made from a template (cabriole legs added), assembled, painted and distressed. The desk houses Mr. Bucket's collection of old books, his stained cup of coffee, cellphone, pencils, mag glass, documents, and money he has made and will spend on eBay, for sure. Dangling from a drawer is a key he uses to reach for his most precious possession... his state-of-the-art Apple laptop! The floor contains Mr. Bucket's collection of oddities and a wastebasket full of dumping debris. The scene sits on a 6 1/2" x 7 1/2" oval wood plaque that has been stained. Under the plaque there is fabric to prevent damage to any surface the display is placed on. A great gift!

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