Monday, Monday!

Lee has arrived from work and has placed her grocery bag and favorite can drink pack on the floor while YoYo follows her around. Lee couldn't wait to remove her shoes, knitted scarf, and drop her keys into the tray along with her change. She's expecting a call from her Red Hat Ladies Club for their scheduled Feng Shui lessons that Lee teaches. Monday, Monday! Oh how I dread Monday's! As one would say, Monday is far from Friday and Friday is too close to Monday! BUT!!! We must be grateful and remember that on this Monday it is an auspicious day, according to Lee's Feng Shui Almanac!

Monday, Monday!
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Aug 16, 2013


This is one of the "Bag with a View" series in a 1:12 scale. There is a lovely stained wood unit with mirror toward the entrance to Lee's home that serves as the focal point. Above the cabinet counter-top, the unit houses Lee's red hat, keys to an ancient Asian box, her knitted scarf, a sunflower as her favorite flower, a Buddha (ceramic) whose belly she rubs, an Oriental tower (porcelain), a cup with hot chocolate left from the morning, a spoon, her journal and pen, a dish with her house keys, change, and a flashlight. Below the counter there are writing books waiting to be filled with words, a newspaper, and her daughter's riding boots. A tall lantern sits on the right of the unit, her daughter's dollhouse, and Lee's shoes. To the left of the unit sits an array of flowers in a large ceramic bowl, a basketball, the grocery, and YoYo, their friend and protector.

The "bag" has three walls that are wallpapered. Flooring is made of felt, the dollhouse is an assembled and painted kit, paper was used for the grocery bag and its contents as well as the pack of Lee's favorite refreshing drink, shoes are pewter pieces that has been sanded down to appear as a shoe, as are the riding boots, books have a leathery feel for the covers with individual pages, newspaper is a printable, as is the money, the scarf is knitted and the hat is a collection from HBS. Top has assorted metallic tissue paper. This bag is ready as a gift with corded handles, for your lucky recipient to receive!

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