Bath Salts Sample-Mancovan

We are still experimenting with the packaging of the samples and the ones featured are still in the glue curing stage, but, you get the idea. All samples have the exact parts that the 8 ounce jars have, so, try before you buy! We have samples of the luscious Tropical Spa Bath Salts for you to try! Each comes in an opaque plastic film container accompanied by a small bag of coffee beans for you to sniff first, before capturing the delightful aroma of the Tropical Spa Bath Salts. Each container's top has the colors of the tropics with sand and mini seashells. We have two (2) of each Tropical Spa Bath Salts sample for each featured in the store. Give it a try!

Bath Salts Sample-Mancovan
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Aug 03, 2013

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