Pablo and Canela recently married and are now living in a section of his parent's Adobe home. They love their living quarters and have received gifts that they proudly display. Their cat, Paco, is oblivious to the delightful platter of crispy tortilla shell with beans, tomatoes and sour cream topped with a black olive, on the friendship table, and does not want to be disturbed because HE, is king of the house!

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Aug 15, 2013


This 1:12 scale display has so many goodies on it! The lover's chair has been stained and upholstered with soft teal suede and slightly distressed. The friendship table (coffee table) is from a template using hardwood that was cut, treated, sanded and stained. It houses a rare glass decorative fish, a china dish on a display stand, an orange bowl with tortilla shell and contents, and a fork. Paco's cushion is made of suede and colorful southwestern fabric. The mini adobe is from a template using hardwood that was cut, treated, sanded and painted. On the floor surrounding the lover's chair and table sits a cow skull, wedding jug, maize (corn) bowl, water jug, cooler jug basket, water carrying jug, and five inch plant (Saguaro cactus) in total including clay pot. The floor is made of vinyl with the appearance of separated octagon Mexican clay tiles, the hat is made of leather with leather ribbon and a feather. One-of-a-kind!

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