Brown plaid cushion cover

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Brown plaid cushion cover
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Feb 24, 2019


This cushion cover is completely exclusive to theme30 and only 4 have been made and ever will be made from this material!

The material is 100% wool and the backing is 100% cotton. It feels soft and tactile.

SIZE – The cover is 45cm x 45cm. The opening is a flap opening at the back for easy insertion of cushion foam. The 46cm x 46cm cushion insert from spotlight fits perfectly.

It has been hand made in the UK by a person and a sewing machine. It will be shipped from Australia.

This cushion cover has some lovely shades of stone, brown and grey which would look great with other natural colours or in a traditional setting.


Please hand wash separately, line dry only and iron on medium.

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  • 45 cm
  • 45 cm

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