Sturdy Pinewood Pipe

This is a 9 cm pipe made from pine, it has a 2 cm bowl. The pipe is homemade from an Icelandic home. Smokes very well. Will not break from being repeatedly dropped to the floor. A sleek piece to have with you always, as a favourite, or a backup pipe, or for giving to a friend that's a fan of smoking. I will send it to you wherever you are in the world. The Sturdy Pinewood Pipe is certainly a great buy for $20 (Shipping included.)

Sturdy Pinewood Pipe
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Dec 29, 2019


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So, some sweet sweet pipe smoking is coming to you wherever you are at a reasonably short amount of time. 


  • 9 cm
  • 4 cm
  • 9 cm
  • 50 g

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