Tree of Life Random Color Earrings Bronze

Tree of Life Random Color Earrings

Tree of Life Random Color Earrings Bronze
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Feb 26, 2020


Trees are a symbol of the growth and rebirth of nature- many mythologies and religions have their own version. In Christianity, the Tree in the Garden of Eden gave life to all who ate of it. Trees seem to die in winter, but are reborn in the spring and provide sustenance and shelter to many.

These earrings are 1 inch textured rings, bronze colored with green wire. The beads are glass Czech seed beads.

Each earring is handmade, so no two color schemes are ever the same.

Handmade jewelry- each piece is unique and truly one of a kind. From beaded Trees of Life to Olive Shells from the shores of South Carolina, you'll find a piece to add to your look guaranteed your own.


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