The Miniaturist

I truly have a love for the Art of Miniatures.
I am the founder of the only miniature club in South Florida and instructor of on-going workshops and projects. I have recently ventured into the outdoor "Farm Markets" where I have been having the opportunity to introduce my creativity with miniatures. This took place before CV19.

Because most people see the 1:12 scale as vintage era play scale, it is difficult for some to imagine a layout, display, diorama, or practicality in miniatures, therefore, very misunderstood. I find myself educating the public because I enjoy working with the various scales and receive great feedback. Many admit that new knowledge has been gained about the world of miniatures and have many questions to ask.

The 1:12 scale is no longer what it was in the past and it is currently becoming part of the "Collector" category. My creations take much time and detail, which I enjoy. Just about every item featured in the store has a story, or a story to tell... Read the stories. I believe you will be entertained by them.

Personal Orgonite Pyramids, Pendants and Pocket Orgonite prevent EMF frequencies that attack your body and surroundings. I wear them all the time when I step out of my home and enter any establishment. Most institutions have dirty frequencies that linger on you with negative energies and you begin to feel off balance. The process of Orgonite is done in layers and using ferrous metals, and in some cases, a few non-ferrous metals, along with Herkimer Diamonds, Clear Crystal Quartz and many other beneficial inclusions. The personal Orgonite Pyramids are created with an 'Intention' from the buyer. The Pyramids, when completed, are Charged, Saged, and include Blessings, along with instructions on its care. We have Pocket Orgonites, Pyramids, and Pendants.

The Personal Health and Prosperity/Abundance Pyramids are assigned the same ritual, but are not Orgonite (Not the same process). These are  personal Pyramids that you can place near your bed or carry with you. They all include a Herkimer Diamond and Crystals that address the health, prosperity/abundance request.

If you desire more information regarding how Orgonite works, and the benefits of Orgonite, please go to site.

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