Orgonite Sleeping Crescent Moon Pendant

It seems like the crescent moon is resting, taking a break,...Or meditating.

Orgonite Sleeping Crescent Moon Pendant
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Dec 07, 2020


This rectangular Orgonite pendant has fuchsia written all over it. The color can be deceiving, but it's really closer to fuchsia. It stands out and so will you!
This is not for the shy and demure. If you seek attention...This is it!
This pendant has an ornate silver crescent moon that appears to be resting in its glory with no interruptions or disturbances.
This pendant is 1 1/4" horizontally and 2" vertically (I love those two words). There is a rhinestone on the top and it comes with a 17" waxed cording with lobster claw clasp.

This pendant has a duo purpose, aside from being so aesthetically handsome in its own right, it helps prevent your body from being attacked by EMF dirty energies and frequencies, in your surroundings.

*Do Not sleep with the pendant.

You can wear it, place it near devices or computer, or keep in your car. 
Like all Orgonite pendants/pyramids in this store, you need to charge/recharge (it's a generator) the pendant in direct sunlight, once a week (depending on the size of the product).

ALL Orgonite pendants/pyramids also pick up high energy during a full Moon cycle.

*Take a moment to review the Policies page and The-Miniaturists page.

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