Sister Wand-Ah!

Call me as you would my Sister Mini Wand! Hah! Big difference... Keep your mind out of the......!

Sister Wand-Ah!
$10.00 Hurry, only 1 remaining! Temporarily Closed-Reopen October 2021
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Aug 01, 2020


This vertical Orgonite pendant has a sister in the house! The differences? A tan! Yup! This sister here has a tan, and a light green rhinestone, and a silver hook!
Other than that, everything seems to be identical to her other sister in the store. They talk alike, walk alike, and yes,,...,You can lose your mind! When sisters are two of a kind! Do you remember that jingle? Let me give you a hint:  Patty Duke (one of my favs)
This is why we won't need to repeat ourselves on here with the stats. You have some homework and searching to do in the store in order to compare the skills between these two sisters. Head over to the Mini Wand room and read the stats. You may be compelled to hire one, or both! 

If you are not familiar with the benefits of Orgonite, start here:

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