Reaching Out

A curious feline sees something... Curious... In the middle of nowhere...

Reaching Out
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Dec 07, 2020


This cool cat round Tag is the Premier of all of its siblings in the same category!!
I have to admit that it's like a Hockey Puck! Does anyone remember the Click-Clacks?

Yup! The tag is 1 1/2" wide...wait for it!... And 3/4" in depth! Yup! It comes with a 4 3/4" teal ball chain.

The tag has a silhouette of a feline reaching out with its paw, without fear of the unknown or consequences. 
Scary, isn't it? Know anyone like that?

I would recommend this "puck" to those that do not anger quickly, and that are wholly balanced.
Although the hues and scene tend to mellow one out when you stare at it. 

The "puck" has hues of blue, pink, light green, lavender, gold, and yellow...great hypnotizing spectrum! 

**Not for little ones.**
Heck! I wouldn't even recommend it for young adults! It's a Hockey Puck, for goodness sakes!

*Take a moment to review the Policies page and The-Miniaturists page.

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