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Dec 10, 2020


The above titled Pyramids will be featured in this category for personalized orders.
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Healing Pyramids cover a purpose and Intention for issues you may want to address, as in love, health, abundance, prosperity, digestion, etc.
These Pyramids are infused with a variety of healing crystals that connect to the issue at hand and some pyramids may have a grid placement. 

They are cleared, cleansed and ready for your Intention to be applied...They're almost like a Tarot Reading! They all have an individual purposeful story that only belongs to you.

Whimsical Pyramids come in an array of multi-colors that may be used as paper weights, gifted to a young-adult, or for those with a pure love of Pyramids. You choose the color/colors, and noted size. Some of the Whimsical Pyramids will contain a scene, a theme, or an object within. These are cleansed to remove negativity before shipping.

Orgonite Pyramids are the generators that protect you and your environment of any EMF attack (ElectroMagnetiFrequencies), also known as dirty energy that does plenty of harm. They come in different sizes, which will be posted for each one featured. They are all infused with a variety of crystals that lend to the power and energies of the Orgonite Pyramids, as well as metals. All Pyramids are cleansed of negativity before shipping.

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This is a Healing Pyramid addressing Abundance and Prosperity. It is a clear, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic created Pyramid with a Herkimer Diamond embedded in the Apex. There's a piece of Selenite floating in the center of the Pyramid and surrounded, in grid form by Peridot, Citrine and pointed Selenite pieces. The grid has melted silver liquid making it appear as if the center Selenite piece has been dripping. It contains a gold (Sacred Geometry) decal that mirrors into the bottom of the Pyramid's base.
This Pyramid will change color shades when tilted or turned.

The Pyramid measures:  2 3/4" in height and the base measures a little under 3 1/2".
This Pyramid has not been sanded or polished.
As a reminder, ALL Pyramids are cleansed and cleaned before shipping.

*Take a moment to review the Policy and The Miniaturist pages

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