Pure Copper Letter

The letter "Q" sounds too close to 'cute'! Letters can come in Copper, Aluminum, or Bronze.

Pure Copper Letter
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Dec 07, 2020


This particular sample 'Q' letter has been created with pure copper in powder form infused in non-toxic environmentally friendly Epoxy Resin, as all of the products in this store.

Letters created can be what is displayed as available, or as a personal request.
This store will display a variety of choices to select from in order for you to make it your own, be it florals, metallic inclusions, glitter works, reflective powders, or glow-in-the-dark letters. Your choice!
The letters measure the same in height, but not in width, as you are aware that they have gradual measurements horizontally with few exceptions, as in the singular letter 'I'.

This is a great personal gift with no particular Season in mind!

Prices will vary on personal requests on letters, depending on the inclusions requested and/or used, as well as availability.

*Please take a moment to review the Policy tab and The Miniaturist tab.

Contact Info:  ChakraBible@gmail.com

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