Orgonite Oval Red-Silver Pendant

A sparkling red flash that does double duty...It's a touch of elegance and an EMF protector.

Orgonite Oval Red-Silver Pendant
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Dec 07, 2020


This lovely oval Orgonite pendant protects you and the immediate environment from the dirty, destructive frequencies that surround us on a daily basis. 
You will feel its energy during the day, so please don't sleep with it. You can place it on your neck during the day, place it near your devices, or your automobile, or carry it with you---not to be touched by others. It needs to be charged (its a generator) at least once a week (depending on size of product) under the sun (outside or on windowsill).

*Do Not sleep with pendant on.
The Orgonite pendants (and pyramids) all collect much energy during a full Moon as well, due to the variety of infused crystals in the mix.

This Oval Orgonite pendant measures 1 1/4" horizontally on the widest part and 1.5" from the top to the bottom of the oval shape, vertically. It has a rhinestone on it. All Orgonite pieces are infused with crystals, metal shavings, and other beneficial elements.

If you are not familiar with the benefits of Orgonite, go to:

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