Orgonite Bronze Glitter Pendant

This glittery bronze shade Orgonite pendant not only looks fabulous, it serves a purpose.

Orgonite Bronze Glitter Pendant
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Dec 07, 2020


This square bronze glittered Orgonite pendant works on looks and to protect you from EMF attacks wherever you go, as does all of the Orgonite pieces in the store.

*Do not sleep with any Orgonite pendant.

All Orgonit products require to be charged/recharged (they're generators) at least once a week (depending on size of product) in direct sun. 
You can wear it, place it near your devices, place in your car, or carry it on you.
And if you follow a ritual for your highest good, the Orgonite pendants/pyramids absorb energies during a full Moon cycle.

This Orgonite pendant measures 1 1/4" vertically and horizontally. It has a rhinestone, and it's infused with a variety of crystals and other organic/natural elements. Non-toxic environmentally friendly Epoxy Resin is used on ALL products.

If you are interested in finding out the benefits of Orgonite, go to:

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