Orgonite Aqua Pair Pendants

Let's face it. My heart belongs to Aqua...think Aquarius!

Orgonite Aqua Pair Pendants
$30.00 Hurry, only 1 remaining! Temporarily Closed-Reopen October 2021
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Dec 07, 2020


This Orgonite set is exquisite! For the pair that loves the sea, the boats, the oars, and all of its expansion and risks.

This particular set has a slight blemish and the price has been reduced.

When pendants combine they form a beautiful heart. One is slimmer than the other and can be made to order in the following colors:
-Blue (light or dark)

**Metal charms differ according to inventory availability.

This Particular Set:
Larger Orgonite pendant has a silver lock in the center and a rhinestone on top. 
It's 2" vertically and 1 1/4" horizontally. 
Smaller Orgonite pendant has a silver heart within a heart with flowers in the center and a rhinestone on the top, and it's a smitten over 3/4" horizontally and 2" vertically.

Ahhh, so Romantic!

ALL  Orgonite pendants have a duo task. They are not only aesthetically handsome, but they also prevent you from being attacked by EMF which is dirty energy and frequencies, found everywhere you go including your home.

*Do Not sleep with the pendant.

You can wear it, place it near your devices/computer, or in your vehicle. 
The pendants are infused with various crystals and other beneficial elements. You can feel the energy from the Orgonite pendants as long as they're properly taken care of. 

The pendants need to be charged/recharged (they're generators) at least once a week (depending on size of product) in direct sunlight, the pendants/pyramids will collect the vibration and energy when charged/recharged. If you are into rituals for your highest good, it will benefit when charging during the full Moon cycle, or sun. Think windowsill.

If you are not familiar with the benefits of Orgonite, go to:

***Due to the overheating of epoxy on this particular set, it created a slight visible blemish, but the pieces are fully functional. 
The Price has been reduced from $45 to $30.***

*Take a moment to review the Policies page and The-Miniaturists page.

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