My name is Lavender, period!

I smell like Lavender...NOT!

My name is Lavender, period!
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Aug 01, 2020


This is Lavender and although purple is just as royal...This is lavender, with sparkling hues of the same color in graduation. It's 3/4" wide and 1 1/2" high with a rhinestone of the same color. It has a 17" waxed cording with a lobster claw clasp in black.
This Orgonite pendant can be gifted to someone special by the same name. I just remembered! I know a Dr. Lavender!

All Orgonite items in the store work double, not only to look handsome and appealing, but to also protect you from the dirty, destructive frequencies known as EMF. Do not sleep with it on. There will be times that you will feel a magnetic pull due to the varied crystals and beneficial inclusions. All Orgonite pieces require recharging in direct sunlight, and if you practice rituals for your highest good, a collected surge of energy can be reached during the full or new Moon cycle.

If you are not familiar with the benefit of Orgonite, start here:

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