Miniature Magic Table Kit

The beautiful Gypsy just set her table and Tarot...with a crystal ball!

Miniature Magic Table Kit
$18.00 Hurry, only 1 remaining! Temporarily Closed-Reopen October 2021
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Dec 06, 2020


This is a hard-to-find miniature in a 1:12 scale. 

I had three of them and one was used for a Halloween display with lighting in the crystal ball...
That's right...It comes with a crystal ball!  Stare at the crystal ball after assembly and foretell the future! 
The store currently has one available.

Kits can become addictive...fair warning! You learn from the kits and grow from there.
All kits contain everything you need to complete it and are easy to assemble which is why I recommend it to all newbies. 
The few tools needed to complete this kit may be found around your home, including glue, scissors, toothpicks, possible tweezers, and yes...Your fingers!.

**Not for children. Most of the kits contain small pieces.

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