Miniature Bow Maker

Make bows in 1:12 scale!

Miniature Bow Maker
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Dec 06, 2020


I have been a member of many Miniature clubs and had a club of my own in South Florida. 
Many of the Artisans would exchange mini gifts with each other during the holidays with contests and games for the 'Winner'. In doing so, I collected many kits as well as collectible miniatures, and this item is one of many.

This is part of the Dollhouse Miniature series in this store. Browse the rest of the minis...More to come!

This little gadget is a kit for making 1:12 scale bows to your hearts content! It includes instructions for making 1" scale mini-puff bows, the bowmaker, toothpicks and a pack of 'Stickable' ribbons. You can make lovely bows for all of your mini gifts, making them as fancy as you'd like. 

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