Cat Watching Mouse

Delightful scene in a pocket watch bezel.

Cat Watching Mouse
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Dec 07, 2020


This silver pocket watch pendant shows an amusing scene that makes you question what is really going on.
Is the cat saying: "I'm keeping an eye on you..."  OR...Are they just friends meeting for a chat?

The pendant features a two-toned division in the background with a silhouette of a grand home shaded by a tree and garden, while in the forefront, the yellow-green mossy grass displays a silhouette of a good sized cat, observing a mouse. The rhinestone is representing the moon. 
This is a pendant that can draw various stories from the imagination.

This pendant is 2" vertically from the pocket watch hook to the bottom. And 1 1/4" horizontally. It has a 17" satin cording with lobster claw clasp.

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