Aluminum & Crystals

Ahh, very interesting, indeed! They could be mistaken for concrete or cement tags!

Aluminum & Crystals
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Dec 07, 2020


This is a set of tags with a blank front (and back) so that you can scribe info on it, or use rub-on letters, etc. 

These Tags are infused with pure Aluminum and Crystals. The front of the tags have the appearance of concrete or wet cement. 
Just don't get a bright idea to cover a hole with it on your concrete/cement wall, driveway, or patio! 
Although I have to admit, it would be every angle! I suppose you want an idea of the size, huh? 

Lets take the smooth rounded corner one first. It's 2 3/4" vertically and almost 1 1/2" horizontally. 
The other, with a geometric shape (although everything is geometric) that reminds me of Pythogoran(?) math, is 2 1/2" vertically and a smitten over 1 1/2" at its longest graduation, horizontally.

A perfect Duo!!

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