A Wish To Make

This tag has a delightful dreamy scene, so hold it, and wish upon a star!

A Wish To Make
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Dec 07, 2020


This whimsical tag will ease individuals that are often a nervous wreck. 
The scene is one of tranquility, and we all know how many of us need a dose of that!

The tag has a silhouette of a delightful cat admiring the moon and wishing upon the many stars that envelope the sky. The cat is in a tropical location. 
If you can't see that...Well...I won't judge. 

The tag is 1 1/2" wide and a smitten over a 1/4" in depth. It has hues of blue and yellow, and a 4 3/4" ball chain. 

**I wouldn't recommend this for little ones, but, for sure, it can turn into a defense tool in case you find yourself alone in a parking lot. You know what I mean?

*Take a moment to review the Policies page and The-Miniaturists page.

Contact Info:   ChakraBible@gmail.com

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