Hammered Copper Band Ring

Hammered Copper Unisex Band Ring

Hammered Copper Band Ring
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Sep 26, 2013


Organic look hammered copper unisex band ring. This band ring has been soldered in the back with lead free solder over an overlapping seam as to prevent any of the silver showing on the outside of the band. The inside of the band has a brushed finish. Band was hand cut from 24 gauge copper sheet metal, hammered, rolled, soldered, filed, and polished to a shine. The ring has been sealed with clear acrylic sealant to prevent tarnishing. All edges have been filed smooth.  Band is 9mm wide.

This ring is handmade at time of order and may vary for the photos.
** This item is handmade and may vary from the photo. **

Size: US Custom sizes only available.  Please indicate size when ordering.  Ready to ship size - 10.5 US


  • 9 mm

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