Boho Style Necklace with Pearls and Gemstone

Boho Style Necklace with Pearls, Copper, and Gemstones - Boho Queen

Boho Style Necklace with Pearls and Gemstone
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Sep 26, 2013


One of a kind for sure, this lovely Boho style necklace features leather, hand drilled creamy white freshwater pearls, copper chain, copper chainmaille, dyed freshwater pearls, wooden beads, handmade bird's nest and white turquoise gemstone.  The bird's nest consists of gold plated copper and copper wires and potato freshwater pearls that has been wire wrapped to a filigree circle piece with red brass wire.  Asymmetrical design features leather cords with pearls on one side and a strand of pearls and wooden beads threaded through a large link copper chain.  One side of the back of the necklace is braided leather with two pearls and a copper wire spiral, while the other consists of white turquoise, wooden beads and more pearls.  Three dangles hang from the pendant, two white turquoise and one pearl and wood.  Two modified Byzantine chainmaille sections are split by a white turquoise stone and sits above the pendant giving a layered look.  Very stunning and unique.


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