Whiskered Bowl

Yellow and red gourd bowl with a rim of twisted raffia, and a maroon stone ornament.

Whiskered Bowl
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Jul 09, 2014


Gourd bowl, painted inside with black acrylic, covered outside with hand painted paper, purposely wrinkled for texture. The wrinkles were then covered with colorful melted wax. Twisted raffia was glued onto the rim, with the final touch being an ornamental stone. Three coats of polyurethane were applied, inside and out.

The photos shown are examples of my work, representative of what I can do for you. As I create your chosen design, I'll try to get as close as I can to the same size and shape; but please keep in mind that your finished product might not look exactly like the one in the picture. (It might look even better!) Please keep in mind that art takes time. Each order is custom-made just for you.


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