Gala Apple, chilis, and lemon on a home made plate

8x10 original oil painting. Style realism and is a great collectors item for still life fans. It is selling unframed completed in 2016 and signed on the front.

Gala Apple, chilis, and lemon on a home made plate
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Jan 20, 2018


This is an 8x10 original oil painting. Style is in Photorealism. I painted from still life display on a durable cotton stretched canvas. I used precise and careful details on the fruit, chili peppers and plate. the plate was hand made by my son so I thought it would add character to the painting. Colors are brilliant and bright. I used Cadmium red, alizarin hue, yellows, brilliant red and vermillion hue. I am selling it unframed it is signed on the front and was completed in 2016. Soft strokes ignite the subtly of this painting. and you can also find it on my web-site at

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