Red Avadavat

Original 16x20 oil painting on canvas panel

Red Avadavat
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Jan 20, 2018


Original 16x20 beautiful oil painting on canvas panel depicting a Red Male Avadavat. This is a beautiful Asian bird that inhabits the plains of Asia and love to be near water. The breeding male is bright red and the non breeding males are a little more dull. Female Avadavats are dull in color. This was carefully created and detailed. I love birds and love to paint unique species. It is selling framed but please contact me for more photos of frame. It is in the process of framing at the moment. I signed and dated on front. it can be displayed over a mantle or large wall. Please display indoors and avoid direct sunlight, extreme heat and humidity. I ship through USPS and in a large cardboard box.

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