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I just got the ring box through the post and I couldn't be happier with it! It's absolutely beautiful! I'm so impressed with the way you packaged it up and sent it so quickly. And thank you for your hand written note too. This has really made my day! Oh and my fiance Chris said oh wow its real! He thought it was going to be plastic!!silly bugger!
Once again thank you for your beautiful work!
Best wishes,
-- Holly M., United Kingdom
Hello Bryce!

I just got back to Bahrain, first thing I did was check the pen/letter opener out. They're so much more beautiful than they are in the pictures! And their weight feels perfect in my hands, thank you so much! It's such a lovely thing to see an artist making things with the utmost care, definitely my best buy. And I'm pretty sure there's gonna be another order at some point :)

-- Fadak, Bahrain
A note to thank you for the amazing pen set.  It arrived yesterday and we are so very thrilled – absolutely exquisite! 
I will definitely keep you in mind for the future.
Best wishes, kind regards & Happy Thanksgiving,
 --Kay, Queensland, Australia

Hello Bryce,

XXX, my daughter-in-law, received the pen and was surprised and happy to have been given such a nice gift. She was especially taken with the packaging saying it was "quite impressive". She didn't go into details but I have to thank you for making it altogether such a special birthday present. She really liked it.
Thanks, Ann

-- Ann C, (mailed to Switzerland)

"Challenge coin collection on Hope And Grace Pens hickory and cherry wood pieces. Gorgeous pieces of craftsmanship to complement any distinguished collection!"

-- Angie K, Brisbane, Australia

"This pen was so beautifully and lovingly made, and I was kept in the loop throughout the whole process. I would definitely purchase from HopeandGrace pens again for such a quality product and at such a great price!! Excellent work."

-- Miranda, S., Burke, VA

"Very communicative seller, honest description, quality craftsmanship, fast shipping, well packaged/protected. Takes care of return customers. HAND WRITTEN thank you note. Would buy from again."

-- James L., Miami, FL

"LOVED it! great quality, beautiful work. Will order from again!!"

-- McKenzie F., Beverly Hills, CA

The pictures do not do justice to the fine detailed work on this piece. It is a gem.
-- Michael B., Lexington, VA

"The package arrived and the pen/stylus looks great!  I'll be sure to give you a plug on my FB account once our anniversary passes  :-)   Many thanks and thanks for your service to our country /Salute" 

 -- Kim M., Orlando, FL

"I got my pen last week and I love it.  The design is so nice and the feel of the wood is really soothing.  A great work of art!!!!  Keep it up!!!"

  -- Patsy U., Roanoke, VA

"Yesterday when i got home I saw that there was a package on our porch. I had no idea what it was and then when I opened it I found out that it was a gorgeous pen that my friend Bryce Piper had made and sent to me. This guy is an amazing artist and his pens are even more beautiful in person than they are in pictures. If you are looking for a gift idea or just a treat for yourself, I highly recommend you check out some of his hand crafted pens at:http://www.articents.com/HopeAndGracePens . He is still an active duty Marine in Japan so it will take a few days to get an item delivered but it's definitely worth the wait."

  -- Eric B., Mattoon, Illinois

"Hi Bryce, I just wanted to let you know that I received the stylus today!  Pretty fast delivery considering the distance.  It is a gorgeous piece andI'm really looking forward to using an item made from wood to maneuver through my electronic gadget!  ...  I'll try my best to send you a photo of me using the stylus to read the Glo Bible on the iPad! Thank you for the excellent service and the beautiful workmanship!  ...  All the best,"

  -- Lynne K., Crofton, Maryland

"Sends a huge big thanks to Bryce ... The pen he created for me arrived today and it is stunning. I cannot wait to give it as a gift; it is truly a work of art."

  -- Katie M., Floral Park, New York

"I gave Scott his already and he is thrilled with it!!!!  He has called me 3 x to tell me how much he loves it!  Tell Bryce "thanks" and  he did an amazing job on them!"

  -- Brenda G., Bowie, Maryland

"I received one of your pens for my bday!!! It's a treasure!  My son and his family are stationed in Iwakuni and discovered you and picked out a dusty rose beauty. Having discovered the Gospel of Grace, I also like the name of your business!  My son shares my pen fetish so I expect him to satisfy himself with an H&G pen ASAP. Just wanted to share that one of your pens is happily at home in NE MO. All the way from Japan."

  -- Pam R., Northeast Missouri

"I get the much attractive and useful pen this afternoon at Taipei. Thanks a lot for your pen, service and gift card."

 -- Thomson H., Taipei, Taiwan

"... My friend was in Finland and returned to her office just yesterday. Today she wrote me perhaps as I was writing to her to thank me. Im not sure when the package arrived, but the point is that it got there safely. And she loves it. Shes just opened a new consulting business in the center of a small town in Spain. I know she likes all stationary materials and so I had thought that such a pretty and unusual pen would be a unique touch for her new desk. I think we hit the nail on the head. Thank you again for your concern. And I will keep you in mind for the future.

  -- Antonia H., Carlisle, Pennsylvania

"Very fast shipping. Nice pens they are very well made and the finish is really nice. thanks."

  -- Mike S., Claremont, New Hampshire

"I worked with the seller to create a custom piece coin rack as a birthday gift. The seller was responsive and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Once complete, the items was mailed quickly. I would not hesitate to order from them again. It's a priceless piece that my husband will enjoy for years!"

  -- Courtney P., NAF Atsugi, Japan

Got your pen on Friday. Love it! It's heavier than I thought but (the recipient) is on the computer 90 percent of the time so it will work just fine. I think he will love it. Great work.

  -- D.R.R., Jacksonville, North Carolina

[Note: this client ordered five pens in several transactions] "This pen is amazing. You can trust this seller for quick delivery and timely communications. Excellent. ... Absolutely amazing pen! The finish is top notch, and the design is a work of art. ... One of my favorite pen sellers - all of my purchases have been beautifully made and striking in person. ... Another winner - excellent seller. ... Buy with confidence. These pens are terrific."

  -- Robert H., Raleigh, North Carolina

"The craftsmanship on this pen is truly a work of art!! I am beyond pleased. Very friendly to deal with.....will definitely do more business with this artisan in the future.... It's been a pleasure to deal with..... Thank you so much."

  -- Sandra J., Holland, New York

"Just received the pen and its beautiful! I know my fiancé is going to love it!!"

  -- Shannon N., Rochester, NY