Refills and replacement parts

Stylus tips
Stylus tips are easily replaceable when they wear out from over use! Stylus tips unscrew (lefty-loosey) from the pen body. Take your stylus with you to the office supply store to ensure your replacement fits. In the slim chance they don't carry your model, write to me at and I'll make sure you get one. Expect to pay a small fee and postage.

All writing instruments have ink refill cartridges available. Take the old cartridge to your local office supply store to ensure you get the correct refill. In the slim chance they don't carry your model, write to me at and I'll make sure you get one. Expect to pay a small fee and postage.

If you no longer have the instructions to disassemble your pen refer below:

How to change or replace the ink. Hope & Grace Pens uses a number of different pen styles and manufacture types. However, nearly all refill types and colors are available in any stationary or office supply store. Take the old ink cartridge with you to ensure you get the right replacement.

ÿ      Unscrew the nib: Fountain, click, capped and even some models of "twist" pens unscrew at the nib (pointy end). Apply gentle pressure (lefty-loosey) to unscrew it.  DON'T FORCE IT. Once loose, be careful not to lose springs that may be on or under the ink cartridge.

§  If you have a fountain pen, pop out the old cartridge and be sure the new one "snaps" into place. Or get a bottle of your favorite color ink and use the plunger refill mechanism that shipped with your pen.

ÿ      Pull from the middle. If your pen is two-piece and "twists" to extend the ballpoint, it likely pulls apart in the middle ( <--   --> ). Gently pull it apart to reveal the inner mechanics. DON'T FORCE IT. Once apart, you'll see the colored (usually black) end of the ink cartridge. Simply unscrew (lefty-loosey) and replace. To reassemble, simply realign the grain and apply pressure ( --> <-- ).

ÿ      Pull off the end cap. If your pen is a single piece that "twists" to extend the ballpoint, the blunt end likely pulls off. Apply gentle pressure to remove the cap ( <--­--  -> ) to reveal the twist mechanism. Unscrew the mechanism (lefty loosey) and slide out the ink cartridge underneath. Take care not to lose the spring. Drop the new ink cartridge with spring into the pen and replace the mechanism and cap.

If all else fails, write us!

Other parts
Unfortunately it would most likely destroy your pen if you disassembled it to replace the nib, tailstock, pen body, inner brass tubes, turning or click mechanism, or the clip. If these parts are damaged, please e-mail me a photograph of the damage with a description to determine if we can repair or replace it. If the damage was caused by me or in shipping, I'll repair or replace it free of charge. If the damage occurs after you receive it, I must charge an hourly fee plus the cost of parts and shipping with no guarantee of success (sorry!).  Each instance will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, so write to me at

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