Wood keychain with secret compartment in Japanese

Wood keychain with secret compartment in Japanese camphor wood with chrome setting, secret stash key fob with beautiful wood grain

Wood keychain with secret compartment in Japanese
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May 09, 2016


Hide your secret in this cool and tastefully classic key fob. At a width just greater than an American dollar, you can store an emergency $20, your anxiety medication or anything that fits -- with no one the wiser!

The keyring-end of the fob unscrews to reveal the secret stainless steel storage tube. A soft rubber gasget inside the mechanism keeps it sealed tightly when in place.

This charming keychain fob was handcrafted from beautiful Japanese camphor wood harvested when I lived in Japan. It has a stunning shimmer in the light, brought out by the 100% pure tung oil applied in production.

The wood was cut, assembled, and shaped by hand on a lathe. It was treated with tung oil to bring out the grain, then coated with nine layers of durable cyanoacrylate buffed to a high gloss shine.

The chrome setting screws onto the secret tube and when assembled looks like a normal wooden key fob. This stunning accessory will make the perfect gift for someone who (thinks he or she) has everything. Put it in your cart to give it to your someone special!

Name: "Japanese Secrets" 
Materials: secret compartment keychain, Japanese camphor wood
Item Number: 330
Artisan: Bryce Piper

This order also includes:
1. Certificate of Production measuring approx. 3.75" x 4.75" with a photograph of the fob, production number, materials used, start and completion dates and a brief description.
2. Promotional ballpoint pen for everyday use

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