Wood Pen in zebra wood with deer head clip

Wood Pen in zebra wood with deer head clip, handcrafted wooden pen in 24k gold, handmade wood pen, exotic wood pen, natural wood, wooden pen

Wood Pen in zebra wood with deer head clip
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Nov 17, 2014


Beautiful zebra wood handcrafted on a lathe with striking grain, a gold setting with deer head clip, straight lines and high gloss make this simple yet stately wood pen. 

The perfect gift for the outdoorsman on your list who prefers a beautiful and useful pen, this fine writing instrument will be cherished for years to come. The rich wood lies under a durable high-gloss coat in a beautiful 24k gold plate setting with a stag head clip. Its owner will be enraptured with its simple beauty and enjoy its usefulness.

This writing instrument is very comfortable in the hand. It's about the same length as your average pen but slightly more substantial to hold. It's really a joy to use.

It was cut from a single block of zebra wood with the striking striped grain re-aligned upon assembly. It was shaped and sanded up to 10,000 grit on a lathe, then coated in several layers of durable high-gloss cyanoacrylate. The setting features a durable epoxy coating. The pen opens with a twist and writes in ballpoint black ink. Ink refills are available in any office supply store, ensuring this pen will be used and loved for many years.

This pen is named "Forest Stag." Add Forest Stag to your cart as the perfect gift for someone special in your life!

Name: "Forest Stag"
Materials: Zebra wood, gold setting with stag clip, ballpoint
Item Number: 221
Artisan: Bryce Piper.

Every pen order also includes:
1. Certificate of Production measuring approx. 3.75" x 4.75" with a photograph of the pen set, production number, materials used, start and completion dates and a brief description.
2. Promotional ballpoint pen for everyday use
3. Care and refill instructions

This pen ships with black ink, but if you prefer, blue ink is available for this pen. Gift boxes are also available. Please contact me via e-mail at HopeAndGracePens[at]gmail.com for these options ($1 extra for blue ink, $3.50 for gift box).

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