Wine rack, gravity defying bottle rack, natural ch

Wine rack, gravity defying wine bottle holder in untreated natural cherry wood, magic wine rack, standing balance wine rack, bottle balance, natural wood, wood decor

Wine rack, gravity defying bottle rack, natural ch
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Aug 02, 2015


This beautiful balancing wine bottle holder will bring a fun, eye-catching accent to any decor. This wine rack stands a bottle of wine perfectly balanced on any flat surface. Without a bottle the cherry wood wine rack lays flat, but defies gravity with a bottle of vino.

This wine rack started as a simple block of cherry wood cut, shaped and sanded by hand. It is entirely untreated, waiting for your personal touch to stain, paint, gloss or leave au-natural.

This wine rack has narrow hole to accommodate most wine bottles. You may want to measure your favorite bottle to ensure no part of the neck exceeds 1 1/4" in diameter. It also features bevelled edges on the front face. It's a simple yet beautiful accent for any home.

Pictured is one of two wine racks that meet these specifications. You may receive the one pictured or its two sister. Both were cut from the same piece of cherry.

Dimensions (approximate):
Length: 9 1/16" (23 cm)
Width: 1 7/8" (2 cm)
Depth: 3/4" (3.1 cm)
Hole diameter: 1 1/4" (4.1 cm)

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