Red and black handcrafted pen in black setting

Red and black handcrafted pen in black setting, sunset colors wood pen with click mechanism, executive gift office writing pen, wooden pen

Red and black handcrafted pen in black setting
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Nov 20, 2015


This beautiful handcrafted pen is a dark beauty in a shiny black setting. It's the perfect gift for your office professional with a touch of class.

The body of this pen is entirely handcrafted. The wood is tamarind with a red acrylic stabilization. Tamarind is naturally creamy brown with dark striations, and the red acrylic mixed with the beautiful wood to create a sunset-like color pattern that complements the dark setting for an undeniably beautiful effect.

The colors inspired me to name this pen "Sky After Sunset."

This writing instrument is very comfortable in the hand. It has a gently tapering form, a little longer than your average pen but slightly more substantial to hold. It's really a joy to use.

I turned the wood on a lathe, cutting and sanding up to 10k grit for the best possible shine before applying a thin coat of 100% pure tung oil. I then added 9 layers of durable cyanoacrylate buffed to a gloss shine and finally a polish coat. The pen extends with a click to write smoothly in ballpoint black ink. Cross (r) style ink refills are available in any office supply store, ensuring this sharp-looking, useful accessory will be cherished for years to come.

I chose a shining black metal setting with a durable epoxy coating that will keep this useful work of art looking sharp for many years to come.

Add Sky After Sunset to your cart today as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special ;D

Name: "Sky After Sunset"
Materials: Stabilized tamarind, ballpoint black ink, black metal setting
Item Number: 296
Artisan: Bryce Piper.

Every pen order also includes:
1. Certificate of Production measuring approx. 3.75" x 4.75" with a photograph of the pen, production number, materials used, start and completion dates and a brief description.
2. Promotional ballpoint pen for everyday use
3. Care and ink refill instructions

This pen ships with black ink, but if you prefer, blue ink is available for this pen ($1). Gift boxes are also available ($3.50).

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