Natural wood keepsake box in Japanese wood

Natural wood rustic keepsake box in Japanese wood

Natural wood keepsake box in Japanese wood
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Mar 25, 2014


This natural, rustic keepsake box was handcrafted from reclaimed Japanese wood in Iwakuni, Japan. It'll look great on anyone's dresser while keeping rings or other jewelry, or equally beautiful on your desk, coffee table or near the doorway for spare change.

It would also make the perfect accent accessory for your ring bearer to carry wedding bands at your natural ceremony!

The entire piece is 100% natural. The bark has been removed and the top, bottom and inner chamber were lightly sanded. The natural swirling grain in yellow and brown with a beautiful black spalting throughout. The visible surfaces were treated with a wood oil and beeswax mixture. A subtle angle to the cut and a simple pine dowel hinge allow the top to swivel, revealing the generous keepsake chamber. 

Height: 1.75 inches
Length: 5 inches
Width: 2.75 inches
Chamber width: 2.1 inches
Chamber depth: 1 inch

The ring in the photographs is a size 8 (US 8; UK P 1/2; Japan 16). None of the accessories in the photograph are included in purchase.

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  • 5 in
  • 2.75 in
  • 1.75 in

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