Handcrafted pen glow in the dark in gold and metal

Handcrafted pen glows in the dark in gold and gun metal setting, speckled grey glow in the dark acrylic looks like granite but glows green

Handcrafted pen glow in the dark in gold and metal
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Nov 27, 2016


This cool professional office pen has a secret revealed after dark. The grey acrylic features white, black and even a few red flecks, looking like polished granite. But when you turn out the lights it glows in bright neon green.

This fine handcrafted pen will make a great gift. It's thicker and heavier than an average pen, sturdy and substantial to hold. The premium Parker ballpoint nib glides over paper. This pen is a joy to use.

The acrylic body was turned by hand on a lathe, cut and sanded up to 800 grit before receiving a polish coat. It has a very subtle curve and is comfortably sturdy in the hand. Expose it to light for a few minutes and watch it glow when you flick off the lights.

The setting is stunning gun metal with 24k gold accents. The ink cartridge extends with a turn of the body to write smoothly in black ink. Since the ink cartridge is easily replaceable, this stunning handcrafted pen is sure to be cherished for years to come.

I named this pen "Area 51" because by day it looks like stone but has a hidden secret!

Add "Area 51" to your cart today as an incredible gift or as a special treat for yourself!

Name: "Area 51"
Production Number: 341
Materials: Glow in the dark acrylic, gun metal and gold setting, premium Parker ballpoint
Artisan: Bryce Piper

Every pen order also includes:
1. Certificate of Production measuring approx. 3.75" x 4.75" with a photograph of the pen, production number, materials used, start and completion dates and a brief description.
2. Promotional ballpoint pen for everyday use
3. Care and ink replacement instructions

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