Crimson and marbled gold handcrafted pen in black

Crimson and marbled gold handcrafted pen in black titanium and rhodium setting, executive gift pen, rollerball fine writing instrument

Crimson and marbled gold handcrafted pen in black
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Jul 01, 2015


One of the most refined and classic pens I have produced, this crimson red with marbleized gold fine writing instruments exudes confidence and uncontested sophistication.

This writing instrument commands attention. This pen catches the eye with its beautiful marbled deep red body with gold striations, its bright rhodium and contrasting dark titanium, and its gorgeous Swarovski crystal.

Large and sturdy, this pen rests easily in the hand and is a joy to use. Many of my clients who purchased the Majestic style pen swear by it and dislike using regular pens thereafter, saying that smaller pens feel like toys in their hands.

This pen features a premium Schmidt rollerball ink cartridge that glides over paper. Changing the ink is a snap by simply unscrewing the nib and replacing the cartridge, ensuring the owner of this pen will enjoy its beauty and usefullness for many years to come.

The pen shaft started as a block of marbled maroon and gold premium Trustone acrylic, cut and turned on a lathe and polished to a high gloss. The marbled grain was re-aligned upon assembly when mounted in its rhodium and black titanium plate Majestic setting featuring a white Swarovski crystal in the clip. This pen is beautiful in the photos and breathtaking in person.

The marbled red and gold with Majestic setting inspired me to name this pen "Red Velvet Cake," a treat I've always associated with finer sophistication.

Put "Red Velvet Cake" in your cart today as a special gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself!

Name: "Red Velvet Cake"
Materials: Trustone acrylic, rhodium and black titanium with Swarovski crystal setting, rollerball ink
Production Number: 258
Artisan: Bryce Piper, an active-duty US Marine

Every pen order also includes:
1. Certificate of Production measuring approx. 3.75" x 4.75" with a photograph of the pen, production number, materials used, start and completion dates and a brief description.
2. Promotional ballpoint pen for everyday use
3. Care and refill instructions

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