Bird feeder liquor bottle in blue and white

Bird feeder liquor bottle in blue and white, gravity fed birdfeeder using recycled vodka bottle in painted pine mounts to any fence or tree

Bird feeder liquor bottle in blue and white
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Aug 07, 2016


One of my wife's favorite things is to look out through our dining room window to watch the birds flit and cavort at our feeder. Add a smile to your face as you watch the little lushes never getting enough from a liquor bottle!

This gravity-fed liquor bottle bird feeder will make a great gift for the drink-lover in your life.
The feeder mounts to any fence post or tree by two brackets on the back. Simply fill the bottle with your favorite bird seed and watch the birds flock to enjoy it.

All my items are one of a kind and you will get the one pictured. It is made from poplar wood in two colors, blue on the roof and tray sides and white on the back and tray bottom. A chrome chain holds the bottle upright while it rests on a special tray custom-made to let the seed flow at just the right amount.

After cutting, sanding and painting, I assembled the pieces and gave the wood two coats of a weatherproofing coating, ensuring your winged friends will enjoy it for years to come. This feeder is quite large, featuring a full 1.75 liter liquor bottle and measures approximately 21 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

This feeder comes complete with the bottle pictured. It will also ship with two mounting screws, so there's nothing to add but bird seed.

The fifth image is a similar bird feeder offered in my Etsy store. Look at the winged friends my feeders attract!

Add this great liquor bottle bird feeder to your cart today as a gift for someone special or as a treat for yourself!

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