Bentwood ring size 5.5 two tone ebony primavera

Bentwood ring size 5.5 two tone black ebony and primavera wood, bent wood ring in dark and light natural wood, wood jewelry, pinky ring

Bentwood ring size 5.5 two tone ebony primavera
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Feb 10, 2016


I secretly call this new line of rings "Ugly as Sin!" The imperfections in the wood make these rings (one of three in production) unique. The colors, width and strange wood pattern will demand attention.

Each of my rings is a one of a kind work of art and you will get the one pictured. 

This bent wood ring was handcrafted from rich, dark ebony on the outside with a primavera wood core. I sanded it by hand to silky smoothness and gave it a durable cyanoacrylate coat buffed to a high gloss. 

The inner diameter is a perfect circle at US ring size 5 1/2 (16.1 mm). It is a HUGE 1.5 cm wide. It will look great on any pinky finger!

Do you know the difference between bent wood rings and cut wood rings? 

In a cut wood ring, a circle is cut from a slice of wood, drilled out and polished into a ring. While they can be quite beautiful, unfortunately this creates two weak points in the ring due to the nature of wood grain, making them more likely to break under stress. 

Bent wood rings are fashioned from long strips of wood veneer, boiled or steamed for pliability and wrapped over and again in several layers. Keeping the integrity of the wood grain and having overlapping layers makes bent wood rings much more durable while preserving the beauty of natural wood jewelry.

This and all my wood rings are bent wood.

The two tones of this ring add a hint of mystique with the black outside and subtle light inside. Imperfections in the wood and finish combine with its unique grain to make this a one of a kind gift. Add this beautiful bent wood ring to your cart as a gift for someone special or a special treat for yourself!

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