Ann Coulter hollow book safe with hidden storage

Ann Coulter hollow book safe with hidden storage space in a recycled book, Demonic right wing book transformed into useful hidden booksafe

Ann Coulter hollow book safe with hidden storage
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Oct 09, 2014


Figuratively guaranteed to never get pulled off the shelf by random guests, this hollow book will keep your precious items from prying eyes! Made from Ann Coulter's 2011 book, "Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America," this hollow book safe will actually REPEL the curious! Use this hidden chamber book to store cash, jewelry, passwords or as a secret stash for anything that fits!

"Demonic" was described as "her most provocative book to date," quite a description for someone as bat-$#!7 crazy as Coulter, the Queen Mother of the Right Wing. Even your most hard-core Republican friends will shy away from picking up this book, mumbling something about it being too extremist.

This used book was salvaged and recycled as the perfect place to hide all sorts of things. First, I gutted the inside, then shaped the inner chamber with care. More than just a hollowed-out book of loose paper, care and attention to detail went into crafting this secret stash. After cutting, the pages were sealed together on the inside then lined with a solid wood veneer.

This book does NOT come with the original dust jacket, which was discarded before I salvaged the book. Like any normal used book (which it is), this book features some light use but the binding is in great condition. Its slightly used look will help the book blend in and look like any other book on your shelf.

If this is a gift, I'll be happy to gift wrap it and include a note for the recipient. E-mail me (HopeAndGracePens(at) with any questions!

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